Who is Aurelia?

Many people ask for Aurelia when they call to reserve an apartment. But i’m not Aurelia.

Aurelia is my mother. She was born in Alquézar in 1936, in the middle of the Spanish Civil War. When she was twelve years old, she had to go to work in another place, far from her family. Years went by and she built her life in Terrassa (Barcelona). She married Alejandro and get her family started.

And who am I?

I’m the youngest daughter of Aurelia and Alejandro and the person who manages the company: Casa Aurelia Apartments.

My name is Anna and in the 2000’s, when I was 25 years old, I decided to leave the city to live in the town and rediscover my maternal roots. It had been on my mind for some time, but I didn’t know how or when I would make the decision.

My initial idea was not to start a tourist business, what’s more, I had no experience in this sector. I simply wanted to live close to nature and enjoy my hobbies which were hiking and mountain biking. In Alquézar I started working as a freelancer repairing wetsuits. But as tourism in Alquézar was increasing and there were few accommodations, my parents clearly saw the opportunity to offer an accommodation for families and groups of friends.

We opened the apartment doors in 2002. At first it was difficult because we didn’t belong to this industry and we had no idea how to manage it. But I just got down to work. While managing the company I took the Tourism Degree. In addition, I did many courses in customer service, advertising and marketing and with the boom of social media, a master in this area.

In this way, we have gradually become a stable and consolidated company.

From the beginning, it was clear that the company should be called Casa Aurelia. Although it could not be called like that until four years later.

It is a challenge and a great responsibility to successfully build a company that has your mother’s name. But I always knew that everything would work out because I learned the most important things from her. Aurelia is the on who taught me how to work, live and do things with love.

Is there anyone else?

Sure! Working Esperanza works by my side. By the way, she also left the city to come and live in Somontano! She has been with us for many years. Esperanza is such like part of our family.

Our work philosophy is based on making customers feel good, safe and calm in the apartments. Just feeling at home. We provide all the necessary information to enjoy your stay in Alquézar. And with the best value for money.